So this past summer, I was at a yard sale and I've always wanted one of these
cool things...
Well I didn't find one of those, but I found one of these for $2!
Later as I was looking in Quilted Bear, I saw this exact item for about 20ish bucks!
But I'll admit, I hated the brown chip off look. It seriously looks better in the picture even.
I wanted more of a grey stone look.

So I spray panted the whole thing white and then took some gray craft paint,
added a *hint of blue and smeared it on with a paper towel and then rubbed it off.
You can see so much more of the design in it now then you could before.
I spray painted the bird too...

Ok, so this item looks nothing like the original item, but it's still cool. Hopefully
I can luck out and come across a couple of those as well :)

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