Boys Mural and Christmas!

Man my Christmas rocked! We had so much fun with all the family in town, I swear
we had game night every single night until new years day. :)
I also attempted to finish my boys mural by Christmas eve. The fumes were strong thought
so he didn't get to move in until a couple days later.
But now he is all moved in and likes his room.

Did I mention he is a buzz light year fan? Ya... like majorly. He will point out
buzz wherever we go, and on the littlest things too, like stickers etc... things you normally
wouldn't notice, but he notices!
This was the black friday buzz my husband got him for $12 bucks!

More pics to come when the room is put together more.... and the mural is complete. And I covered up the desert scene on the opposite wall so I would have a blank place to do some cute stuff.... You will just have to wait~

And.... I got something totally exciting for Christmas. Look what the hubby had me open Christmas morning!!! He picked it up for free from his sisters relative! I'm so excited! I'm thinking of repainting it in a light gray with a really distressed look! The only thing is that it's
current paint job is done in an oil paint. We will see how much work will come out of this thing, but it is beautiful! and I just love the key holes *heart****

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