Yay for decorating!!


ok guys I am so ooober excited to finally be decorating my front room officially. I mean, I am talking paint, rugs, pillows, curtains, everything!!!

I have been working fast to get it done. I've already bought the "paneling/beadboard" type stuff for my walls. I just have to paint the walls before I can hang it up.

Above is my "Olioboard" where I've put together an idea of what I want it to look like in our cozy little place. Eeek! I am so excited!
And the best part, I am doing it all for stinkin cheapness. I'm even making my very own huge jumbo shaggy white rag rug! Ya I know, crazy and a bumload of work but saving bucks is what I'm all about friends. I'll post each project I work on along the way!

ug, in all it's browness everywhere. Sadly this isn't very uncommon.
But dang there will be pops of color when I'm through with this canvas. :)

P.s. I got a free piano and it is my new decorative shelf as well, sooo excited to finally have a piano!

Oh, and I finally some family photos printed! They are ginormous above my stairs, and gorgeous. Seriously guys if you can skimp and save on other decorating things, these canvas prints are something to splurge the saved money on. They were printed at Allens Camera in Orem (or Provo, or Lindon)

And these are some inspirational photos:

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