Just "makin" flowers....

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For The BELOW tutorial:

"1. Tear a strip of printed cotton fabric 3" high by 20" wide. Pop Garden works.


2. With wrong sides together, fold fabric strip in half, as shown. Stitch long, gathering stitch along matched torn edges, through both layers. (For a torn-edge flower, stitch along folded edge, through both layers.)


3. Gently pull stitches as you sew, to gather fabric into a circle. Fasten fabric circle at center with a couple of stitches. Secure & trim thread.


".... and I skipped a step and just added a button-"

5. Onto gathered fabric flower, layer stacked felt circles and a decorative button or brooch. Stitch layers together at center several times through button to secure. Conceal gathered edges at back of flower by whip-stitching a circle of scrap felt to the back of the flower. Then, attach a sew-on pin-back, hair clip, ponytail elastic, TT headband, bobbypin or barrette. And that's it. Easy-peasy.


For your reference, the following chart shows the measurements used for the other flowers featured in the photos above. The large flower is made by stacking a folded piece of silk on top of the folded cotton print with folds aligned. Gathering stitches are sewn through all layers, near the fold. And the large flower spirals into several layers, unlike the other two shown.


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