PosterBoard Flower $4.50 Total!

So I saw this tutorial on TheNestingPlace.

She made it out of poster board and spent $25 for hers.
(Mostly because she used a real mirror that she got- It is stinkin
cute by the way and wish it was mine)

(My poor husband has to be the model- he was not very thrilled.)

I decided to make one for cheaper- and I didn't have to go
scavenger hunting for a mirror, I made a look a like myself.
So just so you know, this is more like the "chadders" version of In-N-Out
rather then In-N-Out itself, but hey I'm on a budget and it works.

  1. Buy a circle shape piece of wood from Hobby Lobby for about $1.45
  2. Take a piece of tin foil or if you have silver wrapping paper (looks even better) and cut a small circle to fit in the middle. Don't meet it all the way to the edge, it's better to make it look like it has a thicker frame.
  3. Paint the wood black
  4. Take some clear glue and glue it on, then pour it all over the top and coat the whole thing. (Kind of like mod-podging over it- you can use mod podge too)
  5. Take 5 pieces of poster board (45 cents at Maceys grocery)
  6. Fold in half, then fold it so there are 3 strips on each side of the fold, totaling 6 strips. (Now if you want a thicker looking leaf, make the strips wider, so you'll need 6 pieces of poster board instead)
  7. Fold a strip in half and trace your pattern onto it, cut repeat, cut repeat, cut repeat, until your hand fall off. (mine almost did)
  8. Criss cross starting with the first pieces (cut them down smaller so they aren't as long)- 4 of them
  9. criss cross a whole lot more, hot gluing them on ...
  10. Put a hanger or hook on it to hang up and you have an awesome sunburst flower!

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