Parade of homes

Ok so right now is the Parade of Homes in Utah Valley, and I have to say I haven't been impressed at all. Except for house #3, 8, and 14. Which I absolutely LOVED. Sadly enough these photos don't do justice. my favorite decorated house was #14 and it was done by a gal from "4 chairs" Her style in the house reminded me of a beautiful color filled version of an "Alice Lane" look and I just sat there and drooled. I leaned over to my hubby and said "ok, you see, this is what pure beauty is made of ;)" The nursery was especially to die for and I'm considering painting my boys room all over again!

On a random note, I am liking this ---> http://www.westelm.com <--- website for rugs right now. so stinkin gorgEous.


  1. The pops of color and accessories are fun indeed... but I agree, the Tour of Homes around are so blah. Everything look the same, where is the creativity???

  2. I know seriously. We need to have some kind of parade of homes with blogging women who know HOW to be creative in their homes :) That would be fun to see.

  3. Go here to the Facebook site and you can see some AMAZING photos of house #14! So glad you loved it!