In progress: (the photos are a lot more fuzzy-)

See that middlge pillow? I bought that fabric from Ikea. I love the writing!

These are some yard sale frames that I spray painted white....
Stay tuned for my awesome collage.

I'm thinking grey looks a lot better contrasting with the brown of the piano instead of the tan.
I'm also debating whether to paint it white and distress it since it's also my "mantel" and the woodwork in the piano is amazing and I think it would make all that detail pop more. What do you think????

Finally decided on a paint color. You're seeing 4 colors here. 1st the background color that didn't stick with us, and the three colors in front. I've decided to go with the lighter color on the left.
It's from Behr paint and it's called "silver drop".

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  1. You have your work cut out for you... painting those high walls!! Are you doing it yourself?

    I think a soft gray would look fantastic, keep space airy! And I'm all about painting a piano, or the idea of it :) The actual process terrifies me! You be the guinea pig!