Yellow ruffle pillow *quick* tutorial

When I first saw this pillow (below) I fell in love and decided I had to make one for myself.
This was actually really easy to make and went really fast.

This picture was saved to my desktop *before* I knew about pinterest so I have no idea
where I got it from, if anyone knows fill me in! :)

Source: None via Jenn on Pinterest

Below: My pillow version of the top one....

*forgive the ugly brown pics at first- It took me a couple shots to get the camera working how I wanted it. And my fabric is really like the pretty mustard color up top*

I cut out two squares to the size I wanted the full pillow to be.
Then I cut strips and sewed the edges shut. You can then sew down the middle of the strip and find the string at the end that will allow you to hold while you ruffle up the material.
I then laid out my *4 strips. (Some were too short so I just made more and added them to finish)
There we have four final strips...

I pinned them on so the line in the middle of the strip would line up straight and
then I just sewed right on top of that line (very imperfectly- no one looks that close unless they're ocd right?)

After the strips are on, I put the back part of the pillow on top of the strips and sewed the pillow almost completely shut (make sure the strips are on the inside so when you turn it inside out they will be on the *right side* of the pillow)
on the side edges, I sewed right over those so I didn't have to worry about the ends.

See how the ruffles are on the inside of the pillow?

At the very end of sewing your square shut, leave enough open to stuff when you turn it inside out.
This is how much I allotted to be able to shove tons of stuffing in.
p.s. kind of a fun thing- I took 3 cotton balls and dabbed some orange oil scent on them and hid them inside the batting (that way none of them would touch the fabric and get oil on it)-
just an extra fun thing to make your pillow smell sooooo good.
Lavender and peppermint are also good choices.

I sewed the pillow shut.

Then I took a white piece of fabric and sewed the edges shut.
I then folded it again about and inch and sewed on the outside of the fabric
to make "pleats" (I hope I'm using the correct term here)

I sew 5 of those.
Then you can wrap it around your pillow and decide how tight you want it to fit, measure and sew it together then slip it on.

And there you go. Sorry no exact measurements were used.
It was more of an eyeball project.
But now I have an awesome cheaply made pillow.

(I used a mustard color fabric from walmart for $2. something a yard!- I probably only bought
1 -1/2 to 2 yards.)
Make sure to buy some stuffing as well if you don't have that on hand.
I've even seen new packages at DI that people have gotten rid of.

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