Toy story room- phase 1

This is the masked off part, we also put trim around the mid-section
of the wall.. I wanted to create a bead board?/fence looking thing on the
bottom, so that's what the tape is there for...


(P.s. Yes that might look like a whole can of white paint spilled all over the floor

Because it is.)

And actually, if I had wanted to have perfectly clean lines, I would've used a little
itsy bit of caulking on the edge of the tape, but I LOVE the texture it creates.
It might look strange up close in the picture I know, but if you saw it in life, you'd love it I swear. :)

But.... this is just the beginning... aw yes you will see my friends, the awesomeness that will
progress. Since I do art literally for work I feel I have the powers to create an awesome toy story-maybe/cars- wall mural. We will leave it at that.... That is only the beginning... bwaahaahaahaaa.....

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