Create your own custom Alphabet art

I bought this piece of artwork from a yard sale for $2
But I wanted something original and something more modern.

I had been browsing online and came across this alphabet art that they sell at
<span class=IKEA alphabet posters (ForestFruits) Tags: ikea poster typography medium alphabet akzidenz grotesk olunda" border="0">

However I don't have the funds right now to buy a piece of artwork.. and as much as I love the red letters for the vowels, it doesn't go with my decor colors. So I decided to make my own.

I cut the back up...

Inserted a piece of canvas all crinkled up. ( I wanted it to look like old school paper)
( it ended up looking like cloth instead after I was finished with it)

I measured and drew out the letters. You could print out and make a stencil. I just eyeballed it.I then spray painted white over the whole thing including the matte.
(Now it was white instead of the greenish border.)
(And it didn't cover up the pencil since it's canvas and spray paint is thin)

Then I colored in the letters with black and blue (instead of the red) and painted white over all the pencil marks. It would've been easier to erase the pencil marks before spray painting though.

I spray painted the frame white and voila!
My own custom alphabet art.

*Note to keep in mind. If you have a printer big enough, it would be a lot easier to just print out the alphabet and stick it in. Also if you do it on canvas, it looks like cloth in the frame- kind of feels more childlike- good if you're going for that look- Not if you want something more clean for a front room maybe.


  1. Wow, it looks great! The blue is lovely. I'm impressed that you drew the letters.

  2. Very Creative. I may have to try this sometime.

  3. Oh heavens what a great idea!
    I as well love the blue and can not wait to attempt one of these as I am all about Letters these days :)

  4. I am loving this and must make it! How awesome to choose custom colors. Thanks for sharing.