Not so cool DIY trip

So today I finally got out of the house. I checked out DI.
Well I decided I wanted to find a few skirts that I could beautimatize... Of course I am going to try and find a chunky frame or something cool while I am there. But I decide instead of going to the frames first, to look for skirts...


*note to future*** check frames FIRST!!!

As I finished, I head towards the frame room and out from the room walks this chick with an AMAZING gold mirror
similar to this

And I about cried I had missed it!! If I would have gone in there like 5 minutes earlier I probably could've snatched it up first! bleh... That's fine....

Then I get to the frame area and this other lady picks up this beautiful *chunky *thick *frame- and nothing else is left in the pickins.....

She eyeballs it, not sure if she wants it- I'm saying "you DON'T! You really don't!" =

= she does.

Then I look around frantically, my transform sensors are going crazy in needs of something to change into beauty. I see some rod looking decorative items over on a shelf.

And to my left the lady with the chunky frame is heading the same direction!

I move up the pace a bit with my 2 yr old boy in the cart screaming
"lighting! lightning!" (aka: lightening McQueen from cars) - what tha heck? ok, child calm down, lightning is not here....

I get there just in time to have her dash in front of me and snatch the item I was eying! What is this? No one can share?- well, guess I would be selfish too ;)
My little boy is still crying for lightening- I snap out of it and finally pay attention to him. He points to a cart with a giant lightening McQueen in it (very excited) and just then a guy walks up to the cart with the the cool lightening mcqueen car. "Well that's taken, sorry bubba".

What a day. This is like black Friday.


  1. Hilarious.

    And because its not a day unless I've done/said/asked something stupid... what is DI? I've thought of everything possible, and I'm out of ideas. Please share.

  2. DI is Deseret Industries (thrift store/second hand) It's like a Goodwill, except I don't have any Goodwill's where I live. So that's where I go, or yard sales. :)