Long time no post!

So due to the fact that I am preggers I have definitely been slacking in the blogging area. We've done a lot to the front room, which I'll post hopefully soon, but it's not yet complete. In the meantime here is what our YARD makeover is looking like :)
*p.s. the green grass and plants are not included in our yard unfortunately... ;)
We got a cement track put in to ride bikes around and have a place for plants on one side and a giant sandbox (to be completed with a playground later when funds are available) - this is the before:

Well now it's a GIANT sand pit!
For now, we've been keeping cool with a canopy and playing hard with the sand and slide. This is definitely filled with loads of fun. AND since we are having ANOTHER BoY this yard will definitely get some hard playin going on :)

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  1. How fun is that? My son would go bananas... and you most likely will too with all that sand brought in :) Enjoy it, it will bring them SO much joy!

    And congrats on another boy!